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Lenore Glaser

Attorney Lenore Glaser understands your rights and will protect you when you are facing criminal charges.

Lenore M. Glaser

A criminal conviction can result in significant consequences. Your freedom may be at stake. Your immigration status may be at risk. Whatever charges you are facing, a conviction could have an enormous impact on your life.

At our firm, we take the time to learn your case, investigate your defenses and educate you fully about your options. You cannot make an informed decision unless you know what you are up against. With significant experience in both state and federal court, we have the knowledge, commitment and meticulous attention to detail that you need to best protect yourself.

With The Law Office Of Lenore Glaser, You Get Experience You Can Trust

Our Boston, Massachusetts, firm has represented defendants in almost every Massachusetts courts, as well as, federal courts in Massachusetts and New Jersey. The criminal charges include drugs, guns, OUI, violent crimes and immigration violations.

We believe your best defense is a smart and hardworking attorney who will pay careful attention to the details of your case. Do not entrust your defense to a less experienced lawyer. The Law Office of Lenore Glaser can help you protect your rights.

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The circumstances surrounding every criminal charge are unique. To obtain a better understanding of your rights and options, do not delay in contacting the Law Office of Lenore Glaser to schedule a consultation. You can reach us at 617-849-9088.

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